UX Design Services

We help you define and execute the best UX strategy for your business by providing SAP UX Design Services that advise, realize, empower, and innovate. We use proven design methodologies such as Design Thinking and User-Centered Design.

Innovation Services

Be a leader and create new innovative solutions that provide a competitive advantage:

Learn how to harness Design Thinking as an innovation approach

Design new solutions together with your customers and end users

Co-create new solutions with SAP using the latest technologies and excite your users

Advisory Services

Translate SAP’s UX strategy into your business reality:

Identify the business value of UX improvements

Evaluate ways to increase end-user efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction

Explore which SAP solutions and services best meet your UX needs

Realization Services

Put your user experience strategy into action:

Optimize the user experience of your existing SAP software using SAP UX Adoption Service Kits

Set up out-of-the-box solutions such as SAP Fiori

Leverage enablement tools such as SAP Screen Personas

Empowerment Services

Enable your organization to achieve the best user experience:

Build up skills on design principles, methods, and latest UI technologies

Learn how to integrate UX principles into your development process

Build a UX center of excellence to institutionalize user experience in your organization

What is User Experience

Designing the best possible user experience is not just about creating beautiful user interfaces. To humanize software experience through design, we center on users’ needs and expectations. A perfect product should be self-explanatory, offering intuitive user-friendly interaction that supports users in their business processes. We want to make your users as efficient as possible in the jobs they do.
The best way to meet our users’ needs and expectations is with Design Thinking.

Why do we care about UX

SAP® solutions are flexible. Customers get specific solutions and applications as well as a variety of tools and technologies to adapt the interfaces to their needs. But does this guarantee success?
Businesses today rely on a highly motivated and productive workforce. Being successful requires more than just efficient software implementation or simply providing new functions. End users expect intuitive solutions that make it easy for them to perform their daily tasks, anywhere with any device. Meeting users’ needs has become a key differentiator for improving user efficiency and effectiveness.

What is Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a set of methods to innovate all areas of life, not just software. During the Design Thinking process, multidisciplinary teams combine creative and analytical approaches, involving the targeted user group from the beginning to the end. The first step is to observe and interview the end users. The process further includes a 360° research. Based on all this information low and high fidelity prototypes are built for early end-user validation. This iterative method guarantees an easily consumable solution with user-friendly user interaction.
We apply Design Thinking to create the best possible User Experience.